The 2018 Tudor Planner (Pre-Order TWO UNITS - will ship before Thanksgiving)

The 2018 Tudor Planner (Pre-Order TWO UNITS - will ship before Thanksgiving)

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Imagine a planner (or diary, if you're in the UK!) filled with:
- This week in Tudor History
- Listening suggestions with an exclusive Spotify playlist
- Quotes by your favorite Tudors...

... wrapped in a gorgeous cover based on an illuminated manuscript.

Plus it's got all the normal Planner things. A ribbon marker. Pocket in the back. Coil binding so it lies flat. Plenty of blank, grid, and lined pages in the back so you can take lots of notes, sketch out ideas, and bullet journal to your heart's content. 

Monthly and weekly pages with room for jotting reminders, appointments, and a goals page so you have your most important commitments to yourself right at the front of your mind at all time.

Hey there, I'm Heather, and in 2009 I created the Renaissance English History Podcast, making it one of the longest continuously running indie history podcasts around. Last year I created the 2017 planner on a whim, and it was unbelievably popular. Using feedback from those who purchased it, I've created a 2018 edition that's even better than the first one was!

Please note that this is a preorder. You're getting a discount for ordering in advance (and thus providing an infusion of cash in order to pay for the printing costs) and they will ship before Thanksgiving. 

Shipping is included in the final price. This listing is for two units - one for you, and one for a gift getting you a great discount! Order one unit just for you here: